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Online Application System for Participation in International Fairs SMEs Refund Scheme

What is the Grant Refund Scheme?

The Participation in International Fairs Grant Scheme (PIFGS) is meant to assist companies/enterprises in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors which are already exporting or export ready. The scheme aims at meeting part of their expenses in relation to their participation in International Fairs including EM Buyers Sellers Meeting (BSM) and Contact Promotion Program (CPP). The grant covers eligible expenses up to a maximum of Rs. 200,000 per year, irrespective of the number of trade fairs attended by the same enterprise.

Who is it intended for (eligibility)?

The scheme is eligible for SMEs with Turnover less than Rs.50 Millions, operating in the following sectors:

  1. SMEs in Manufacturing and Agricultural Sector
  2. Freeport Operators with a minimum product transformation process of 30% to 35% of value addition before export
  3. Cooperatives registered with the Registrar of Cooperatives, having status of a limited company.
  4. Sister Companies could be eligible provided the turnover of the group does not exceed Rs. 50 million and the sister company has been in operation for at least 1 year.

How it works? E.g. Steps involved in registering for and getting approval for the Grant

The following steps are required to make maximum use of the online system:
An IT Counter is available at EM’s Knowledge Centre to assist you in submitting your online application. The Online System User Manual will provide you with more information on the system. In case you have any query, kindly liaise with EM Officers. You are also invited to read the Scheme criteria, terms and conditions before submitting applications.

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